The Final Days Part 2: In depths of Hell

Text: Praveer Kochhar (The Driver)


Take our advise : GO to the Death valley to know how the word 'hot' fails to define itself here!

Its called the Death Valley. And it was next on the list of crazy things to do. We left Vegas a little early so as to reach the Furnace Creek in time before noon as it was expected to touch 48 degrees that afternoon. It was one of the most stark transitions on this trip so far. From the bling of Vegas to the Dead desert of Death Valley. Now what makes this place this was is that it’s a valley which in most parts is below sea level and traps the heat and is as a result one of the hottest places on earth. We rode into the Valley bought our gate pass from an automated teller machine and reached an oasis called the Furnace Creek Resort. It was like an oasis in the middle of nowhere. It had great rooms, a 18 hole golf course, swimming pool, restaurants, gift shops and a grocery store.

Thats Sunny, totally drained out after riding into the Death Valley

By the time we reached the mercury was already touching 44 degrees C and the idea was to let the sun do its bit while we relaxed in the AC room. Till about 4:30 we wanted to venture out and get some pictures and to our surprise it was still as hot and I geared up for the challenge to hop on the diavel and the ride through hell. And hell it was, when you gulp down 2 litres of water in the first 1 hour you know this aint gonna be a smooth ride. The temperature meter on the diavel was showing 237 deg. F. But none the less we got some great shots and I don’t think the pictures make it look that hot.

Can you see where that 'Sea Level' sign is on the rock face? thats 236 ft above us!

We reached Bad water a small salt lake which is the lowest point of elevation in the USA. Its 236 ft. below sea level and an extremely hot environ. The damage of the day was done as my head was throbbing inside the helmet and I couldn’t wait to take it off. So ended an evening in one of the hottest places in the world and an experience of riding in the toughterrain.

Back here in India, there wont even be a sign if there was a nuclear war ahead...


One of the dips


Even the road seems to have melted in the heat!

These interesting formations are a delight for the Geologists, basically the earth and its processes lie bare in the Death Valley

Talk about riding in leathers and being 'cool' in that heat. In fact the jacket protected the rider from fatal heated air currents, and jacket had ample amount of mesh to maintain an air flow, thumbs up to Ducati to come up with such a design!


At Zabriskie Point in the Death Valley, someone actually came up to Sunny and asked him - that that jacket have air conditioning!?



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