The Final Days Part 1: Casino Capital of the World

Day 11, 12 & 13 : West Wendover – Las Vegas – Death Valley – LA

Text: Praveer Kochhar (The Driver)


To Las Vegas

What is it that makes us want to do everything that is wrong. What is it that everything that is not right is so much more appealing than the virtue of doing the right thing. What is it that we are humans have inside us that makes us SIN. You ask these questions to yourself when the destination at the end of the day is THE SIN CITY.

Sunny had asked me why am I writing such plain travelogues about the places and the travels and not something philosophical. So lets try our hands with the last post on something that I feel will sum up this trip.

There are two aspects to this last blog of ours and both are the most diametrically opposite to each other. The first half is about VEGAS and the blog following this will be about DEATH VALLEY. There could not be two more contrasting places so close to each other. The one is where you sin and the other is where sinners end up (namely Hell).


So first up let me get over with the travelogue part of the story. The ride to Sin City was through the scorching hot Nevada desert and nothing great to talk about. We reached Vegas around 5 pm and it was 109 deg. F for the good part of the afternoon. The road en-route was a desert so very few pictures and breaks in the middle. There were at the max 2 towns for the entire stretch of 500 odd kms with not a single place to stop and get some food. We had to buy some extra fuel for the Diavel as the distance between the closest Gas station was 157 miles. But none the less the ride was fun and no tiring except for the later pat when it got extremely hot. We checked into a great hotel called Tuscany which was surprisingly cheap and after a break of around 3 hours we were out on ‘The Strip’. Where we were bedazzled by the sheer presence of this city’s heart. I mean you have to be there to believe what you see on Las Vegas Blvd. There is life’s every pleasure on the 6 km stretch. We clicked some amazing pictures and the sun roof of the AMG proved vital for the experience.

We take the advice, no gas for over 200 kms..


We find a can, and we can some gas for the small tanked (but BIG on power) Diavel...

The Driver smirks at the need of a 'can' for the Diavel..

To make up for his sins, the Driver helps the Rider top up gas on the Diavel, after all its 200+ kms that the bike has to go without a gas station on sight, and ipushing a 200+ kgs exotic bike in 40+ degree centigrade is nor our idea of a roadtrip experience!

To Las Vegas on extremely straight roads, and in extreme heat

Even if we litter, we are sure the heat would annihilate very soon. On a serious note, strict fines keep things in check in the US, howver we did find the country to be actually quite littered compared to the ultra clean Europe and down under..

Come on LV, where are you!


The United States is actually to me exactly like Las Vegas. Its too shiny and inviting from the outside. Its got every material pleasure that the Human Mind has been able to envisage. Everything is available but almost everything is illegal too. You can dream really big but there is always a ‘Conditions Apply’.

It’s a really big money making machine this city, this country. Everything is designed to work around minting the green back.  And everything actually does that quite magnificently.

It sure made us ponder that when half the world still fights for electricity while here, things were gobbling up electricity like no one’s business…

Finally, riding the 'Strip'


Statue of Liberty Replica


There is no shortage of fantastic structures like these at the LV 'Strip'!

Bikers at the Strip

Bikers at the Strip


Coming up next, ride to Hell – The Death Valley!

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