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xBhp is ready for the next step! We will start a series of roadtrips called Driver Vs Rider which will basically portray, well the rider and the driver. The contrary twins. Poles apart and yet in synergy. Bound within by the common religion of power, speed and control. But different enough to stand apart and yet stand tall. Pushing the limits of man and machine. Exploring the boundaries of the physics governing motion. On two wheels and four.

Their world of power, speed and control exists on the twilight zone between living and dying. A game where the measures of time and distance get reduced to a hundredth part of that for the ordinary existence. Where precision is neither spectacular nor academic but a choice between breathing again or exiting with exploding debris. A world where the mind, the eyes and the limbs do all the talking there is. A world that gets as close to perfection as perfection itself. Because it demands so.

Who is the better of the two? Who skirts the chasms of risk and danger more often and with lesser margins? Who is the greater adventurer of the two? The rider seems like an obvious pick but is it really so? Four wheels might mean the cushion of twice the rubber and little apparent need for balance but are these really such huge advantages. Think of six times greater momentum, the inertia induced reluctance to change direction and speed and think of the space those four rubber feet need and the equation tends to balance between the two.

Leave the boring physics and those morbid thoughts of danger to life and limb. Think of beauty in motion. The motorcycle banking deep into a sweeping tight left hander or that snazzy low-rider sports-car tackling a hard right-hander in full drifting glory. The sounds, the visuals and the goose-bumps reign supreme both sides. The rider more of a gladiator in his arena, exposed to sight, wind, danger and spectator. And the motorcycle a thoroughbred stallion, tamed rebellion with that wild streak lurking just beneath. The driver in contrast a charioteer, unifying the power and the cage. Transforming hurtling metal into a swift arrow shot with precision and perfection.

xBhp embarks on a journey here to discover the world of the driver as he steps into and drives a high-performance car. And communicates with you through the eyes and soul of a rider. No, xBhp is not deviating from its true calling that remains ensconced in two-wheels. Neither is this aimed as a competition between the rider and the driver even though the 'vs' connects them. They are not modern day gladiators for us. There's no combat at the edge involved. In fact, there's serenity in performance as we see it through this series. Even though both the rider and the driver shall be using high-performance vehicles, they are not at loggerheads by pitting the machines and their skills against each other. They travel in synergy as partners reveling in the beauty of precision machinery in motion. They move in such mutual admiration and that of the exotic locales they travel through. And through them xBhp brings these stellar machines right up your virtual door-step and lets you get up-close and intimate with them. Come and be our co-travelers on this journey of discovering the troika of superlatives in man, machine and road.

The xBhp core team has done a good deal of roadtrips, both in India and outside. While it core team travels and shoots some of the best motorcycles in the world (and now cars as well!), it inspires a whole generation of tourers back in India who are slowly spanning their riding wings across the globe. You might be interested in checking out the following roadtrips:

xBhp has over 35,000 online members on their forums and close to 40,000 fans on Facebook where we regulary update on the move!

The Ducati will be powered Shell Advance Motorcycle Oil and so is this roadtrip, the first one in the Driver Vs Rider series. We are also greatful to Mercedes Benz USA for providing us with the stupendous AMG CLS 63!

xBhp core team shoots with Canon cameras and you can see some of the awesome photos in the blogs and rest in the First Anniversary Issue of the xBhp magazine in October 2011.

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